The following treatment steps are applied in the MWP:


  1. Precipitation. Coagulation of any suspended matters in the water (>0.1µm) e. g. oils, grease, impurities etc. to particle size >40 µm, which are then removed by filter sponges.


  1. UV treatment: disinfection (99.9%)


  1. Fine filtration with: PCW – PF MWP: Silver as an agent/ birm/ zeolith/ active carbon: Fine purification/ iron, heavy metals, ammonium, caesium, strontium/ drug residues, hormones, fluorides, trihalomethanes, lead particles, solvents, chlorine and ozone, bacteria.

Filter materials and their properties:


Birm: decreases and/or eliminates high iron and manganese values by oxidation.


Zeolith: decomposes inorganic contamination (dissolving rate of strontium or caesium amounts to 99.9%) furthermore it cleans the water from heavy metals, ammoniac and nitrates.


Active carbon: removal of odours and tastes (e.g. chlorine, ozone, humic matters) as well as herbicides, fungicides and drug residues etc.


In this way the water is cleaned by the double removal of dirt, odours, iron admixtures and dioxins.