As the name says, MWP is a highly efficient micro purification plant which, due to its high-precision & patented dosing of precipitation agents is largely superior to the standard communal treatment plants.

Chamber 1


Water is injected into the mixing tube. The “Wave-Pump” automatically doses the precipitation agent “PAC” into the water to be cleaned.


The “precipitation” agents cause the following:


- Emulation of all suspended turbidity ≥ 0.1 µm

- Results in enhanced and faster elimination of turbidity

- Significantly improves water quality

- Reduces sedimentation times

- Increases service life of the downstream filters


After the “precipitation agent” has reacted with the water (In total approx. 60 – 90 sec.) and chamber 1 is filled, the water flows into chamber 2 via an overflow tube after being pre-filtered through a 40 µm sponge filter.



Chamber 2


In this chamber the water continues to react with the “precipitation agent”.

The second sponge filter – pore size 40 µm – filters the water again.

The sponge filters should be cleaned at least once a day with clean water. Idealy also flush the chambers (at least once a month).


Chamber 3


The filtered water from chamber 2 is collected in chamber 3. Only after opening the dispense valve will the water be treated to become drinking water and can be distributed.


Once the water reaches the maximum level of chamber 3, then the supply pump and thereby also the dosing of the “precipitation agent” is stopped via a float switch.


Only when the minimum level is reached both systems are activated again.



The water treated in chamber 3 is conducted through the UV-irradiation. Here 99.95% of all germs are deactivated. After exiting from the UV-Lamp the water is again filtered by a special filter.



P-C-W Filter


This filter cannot contaminate due to its design and is therefore installed downstream as a fine and safety filter. Possible germs are retained again in this filter and are deactivated through the oligodynamic effect. This filter additionally retains a large part of fungicides, pesticides, hormones or residues of drugs by adsorption. The downstream piping remains germ-free.